“Candy for Togetherness¨

Can you  imagine how many children in this world have never had the opportunity to try even one piece of candy in their life????

I am going a tell you.  More than 50 million children!

Thats seems impossible, right? But it’s true, and many of them will never ever have the opportunity if we don’t give it to them.


My name is Sara Lázaro, founder and director of the non-profit organization which was set up in Spain called “Caramelos Solidarios” (“Candy for Togetherness”).

The objective of our non-profit is to provide candy to children who have never been able to even try a piece of candy. Children with severely limited economic resources, children who can’t even meet their basic needs, others who have experienced natural disasters, still others who live as refugees because of experiencing war and famine, and children who have been exposed to serious illnesses.

Our dream is to reach these children and make them smile with their hearts and minds.

With a little candy… happy moments in difficult childhoods. This is our message.

We have worked in many Latin American and African countries.

We work with sponsors and specific donors. We, then, at times dressed like clowns, go to the different venues giving out candy and love.

Since 2009, we have been located in San Francisco.

From here, I would like to encourage you to become leaders and to develop your own candy projects in your own countries, all simply for the purpose of making children smile and feel a little less cold inside. Whatever you think you can do, I am sure that it will be a great idea. So, If you would like to become a volunteer for our non-profit in your own country , you are absolutely welcome in “Caramelos Solidarios.”

Contact with us

[email protected]

305-321 9922

Mountain View, 94040 California, US


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